Navasota Bluesfest HIGHlights

The following are random shots and observations at previous Navasota Bluesfests, held every second weekend in August. Bottom line, we have a whole lot of fun!


Once again, the best event for 2010 Navasota Bluesfest is the first one... What an incredible insight to what Heaven will be like: Jews, gentiles, whites, blacks and hispanics, all celebrating as one, praising God with the most rockin' music you have ever heard. It's a good thing most people don't go, or it would have to be moved to a bigger venue... which was packed.

This thing is sooo cool, it's better than I can describe or you can imagine, very inspiring and uplifting for all who attend... great preachin', prayin', singin' and even some dancin', so I guess it was arranged by... HIM. Holy Blues!

Thank you St. Pauls for giving us such a stellar event. Thanks especially to John and Lise McNally for putting together such a great service! Thanks to GOD for making it all happen!

This event has become an annual feast for some of us... these lucky shots can only hint at the fine music we hear every year at the Navasota Bluesfest!

To top it off, Don Kesee was his usual genius self and the Bluesmasters played blues like they ought to be played.


Was a huge success, and WOW what great, classic blues music! "It don't get no better than this!"

Some of the musicians who played Saturday, top to bottom;

David Egan with his hip Loooooziana style blues, Rob Roy Parnell wolfing on that relentless harmonica, Texas Johnny Brown charming the crowd in the aisles,
and Texas Johnny Boy taking charge with his army of blues masters. All impeccable blues acts. Thanks guys for such incredible music!

Aug., 2011-

As can be expected, every year the BluesFest brings some unexpected musical treasures. I guess we can call these the annual "Cushie" awards.

Most Amazing Transformation into a solid blues performer:

Goes to.... Misslette The Singing Cowgirl. Actually, she has had it all the time. Shame on her for not showing off sooner.

Most Unforgetable Moment:

Goes to Texas Johnny Brown, when he deftly picked as he sauntered and smiled amongst his adoring fans, engaging with them in something beyond entertainment.

Most Impressive New Band Member:

Goes to Michael Gaskin, the AWESOME sax player who now makes Tubie's Touchtones an unstoppable force. His playing so beautifully weaves in with Tubie and Les that it is hard to believe they have not been working together for years.


The Blues Capital Revue... and Cd Release Party for Tubie and the Touchtones!

Last Friday's show at the Brosig Auditorium went off without a blemish, and the musicians proved I have decent taste in musicians, as every one of them put on a super show.

The Westernaires

The crowd was small, but very engaged and appreciative. Brosig Auditorium never looked or sounded so good. Thanks to everybody for helping make it so much fun.

The Blues Alley Cats just keep growing- in every way

And thanks again to Tubie and the Touchtones, and especially Tubie for his essential services that made it all special and beautiful.

Tubie made this concert his official CD release party.

Tubie demonstrated why he is so loved in this community. His band put on a great show and that would have been enough, but they also provided the lights, sound, and poster art for the event. Tubie has given a lot, in art and heart, to Navasota, and someday maybe we can adequately show him just how much we appreciate that.

In the meantime, a simple triple-dang thank you will have to suffice.
... and the seventeenth annual Navasota Bluesfest!

I wasn't really trying, after shooting these guys so many times, still, these may be the best shots I have ever taken of Don Kesee and the Bluesmasters. Not only is Don one of the best, real deal bluesmen of the Brazos Valley, but he is pretty photogenic...

The Blues Brothers tribute act will never be the same again...

Dr. Michael Birnbaum brings country blues authenticity to the event every year.

Sweet Mama Cotton making her annual appearance, but this time with her kick tail band!

After two great nights of music, I went home and crashed and never made it back Saturday... heard it was cherry. I'm sure it was, but I'm finding out what happpens when I have too much of a good thing...

But with a smile like that, it was an evening hard to forget.


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