Monday, November 19, 2012

A blues icon... from Russia!

My Russian friends sent me a wonderful gift in the mail. It is a book..  Country Blues by Valery Pisigin.

He sent me this book as a token of his esteem... knowing full well I cannot read it. There are some passages, inexplicably in English.. probably quotations from English sources, so I can find about 5% of the book understandable. Most important in this situation are the wonderful photographs he has included in the book.

And this heart warming inscription, that I can understand. 
No doubt, music is an INCREDIBLE bridge between cultures. Our ambitious experiment at Blues Alley has yielded many proofs of this truth, and we have met people from dozens of countries, coming into Blues Alley looking for the story of  BRAZOS VALLEY BLUES. We have not made much money, but we have sure met a lot of new friends.
A Russian born Finn, Valery Pisigin has covered the United States,  investigating every nook and cranny for obscure blues history. He is presently working on a book about blind blues men.
I have decided to end my official association at Blues Alley, and finally give my art career the time and privacy it demands. It's these kinds of serendipitous, cosmic rendezvous that I will miss the most.  
Thanks for the book Valery! 
But it makes me want to be free to travel myself!

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