Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Ezra Charles Gets Down in FLAMES!

It was all part of the act. Ezra Charles thrilled us when he came to our jam session at Blues Alley a couple of years ago and made a major impression. We have been hoping to see him at the Navasota Blues Fest ever since. After his concert in April in downtown Navasota during our Mance Lipscomb birthday celebration, he finally got his chance at Blues Fest, and he did not let us down.

Charles brought along an all-star brass trio of fabulous young girls that could actually match him on the stage and an excellent electric guitar player to make his sound POSSESS the Grimes County Expo Center during his performance Saturday night... everybody around me agree it was one of the best in the event.

I was dog tired after days of sleepless nights getting ready for the various shows and events... and then he WOKE MY MIND. I don't have a pic, but at the end of his set his piano shot flames four feet in the air. With him blasting, those girls rocking and blowing, and those flames licking I had trouble ever going to sleep after that.

And that was just one of many GREAT shows featured at the 18th Annual Navasota Blues Fest. And for the record, the thing has been AIR- CONDITIONED FOR 18 YEARS. IT'S SO COLD IN THAT HALL THAT EZRA BROUGHT HIS OWN HEATER.

Thanks to my brother Reynolds for sending me this pic from his cell phone.

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