Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A Tradition of Music Continues

Clay Failla plays drums while Mitch White belts out one of his outstanding originals.
Our weekly jam session still rocks every Friday night.  Beginning our fourth year, we now hold it at the Filling Station Diner in downtown Navasota. It's still the unpredictable blend of all kinds of LIVE music, and we still refer to it as the "box of chocolates." Because you never know what you're going to get!

During football season attendance wanes a little, but the musicians are committed to gathering every week.

In the past few years, we have attracted artists from all over the region, and especially those from the Bryan - College Station area. Randy Pavlock, Tubee Pushee, Chris Puente, Mik Finn and even Ezra Charles of Houston once drove up and jammed with us. Some of our original jammers three years ago ended up forming the Brazos Mudcats and getting gigs!

We are fortunate enough to have a veteran professional performer, Misslette the Singing Cowgirl, to serve as the director of the jam, which operates in a round-robin system. Misslette can do it all, from her classic country and western songs to gospel to blues. She is a cross between a band director, music tutor, spiritual mentor and den mother! She has a few rules that we live by, but they are reasonable and easy to embrace, and the progress in the musicians has been very exciting.

 Mitch White owns the diner, which he shuts down for the jam. He has turned out to be one HECK of a picker and songwriter.

It is a family friendly event, and there is no smoking allowed inside. You can bring your own food or beverages if you wish. This is Dave Webster showing off his new little girl... who thinks he is the best picker there! I'm not sure anybody would argue with her either!

Jason, Doug Taylor of the Fathers of Texas, and Chris Puente, of the Old Bridge Rhythm Band.
We start at 6:30 and play for at least four hours... or until we all fall on our face. It is Country, pop, blues, rock 'n roll, even some Gospel. Young, old, and a bunch of the middle, but we don't pay attention to these kinds of things.

But I gotta say, we LOVE young people, and want to encourage young adult musicians, by providing them a place to learn their craft and grow.  This is Navasota's own Robert Herrera and Saul Garcia, who have some really great songs.

There turns out to be a bunch of talent right here in the Blues Capital of Texas! Musicians and music lovers are all welcome. It's FREE and fun and downright inspiring! 

You're missin' out!

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