Thursday, September 26, 2013

The theory of this blog

You won't be surprised that I have a theory.

This blog is an installment to the future. I am writing all this down now, as a treasure to be discovered some day when people are asking questions and are willing to search for the answers. Right now you care about immediacy. Instant messages. Sweeping technologies that provide a million possibilities. A million disconnected facts. You are having fun. But there is no wisdom in it.

Someday you will realize that you are not living life but only vicariously gathering cheap thrills that do not have any soul or gravity. You will begin to wonder who we were, where we came from, what we thought and did. And why? Because the generation before you did things. They made something that you can only read about, they made history.

I have found that my own life has been enriched beyond measure, and wisdom imparted to me way beyond what my parents or tired teachers tried to teach me, through the study of what human beings did. It inspires me, makes me want to go out and do something myself.

So start digging, history is waiting!

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