Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Marcia Ball in Navasota!

And Marcia Ball. Wow, what a golden evening, and that makes three years in a row, great entertainment and fabulous weather at our third annual birthday party for Mance Lipscomb. And Marcia Ball may be the very best fit for the event, we call it Blues, BBQ and Bluebonnets... She draws a good crowd, puts on one fine show, and she does it with such finesse. She knew Mance, she is a real deal blues lady, and she attracts a great cross section of people... I say bring her back... in fact let's get her an apartment and hire her every weekend, as long as they are always like that one, which was perfect.

Marcia Ball puts on a powerful show in the middle of a bridge, with the wind in her face. No wonder Texans love her.

Thanks, Marcia and your stellar band, for making a memory with us.

And a special thanks to Anonymous for correcting my spelling of the beloved blues queen's name!

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