Saturday, October 13, 2012

Praying in the Blues... 2010: the last time

Once again, the best event for 2010 Navasota Bluesfest is the first one... What an incredible insight to what Heaven will be like: Jews, gentiles, whites, blacks and hispanics, all celebrating as one, praising God with the most rockin' music you have ever heard. It's a good thing most people don't go, or it would have to be moved to a bigger venue... which was packed.

This thing is sooo cool, it's better than I can describe or you can imagine, very inspiring and uplifting for all who attend... great preachin', prayin', singin' and even some dancin', so I guess it was arranged by... HIM. Holy Blues!

Thank you St. Pauls for giving us such a stellar event. Thanks especially to John and Lise McNally for putting together such a great service! Thanks to GOD for making it all happen!

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